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Virtual House

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    1. Click on one of the products on the virtual house to view more information.
    2. Key safes

      Key safes enable the emergency services to quickly gain access to your, property in an emergency.
    3. Automatic light switch

      As soon as your feet touch the ground, this sensor will switch on a light for a pre-set amount of time.
    4. Bed occupancy detector

      This will alert us if you do not get back into bed after an agreed period of time. It can even turn your bedside light on and off when you get in and out of bed.
    5. Remote light switch

      This allows you to switch lights and appliances ‘off’ and ‘on’ from the comfort of your armchair (or bed).
    6. Medication dispenser

      This device will open and alert you when you need to take your pills or medicine.
    7. Carbon monoxide detector

      If there is a build-up of carbon monoxide within your home, this device will immediately alert us.
    8. Chair monitor alert

      This alerts us if you do not return to your chair within a set period of time.
    9. Mindme Locator

      The Mindme Locator is designed especially for those with dementia. The device is waterproof and looks like a key fob. It can be placed in your bag, pocket, or can even be attached to your house keys. There are no buttons or fl ashing lights and the GPS locator identifi es your location every three minutes. This means if family members are concerned, they are able to access a secure website where they can locate you. Alternatively, they can call through to our 24/7 centre for assistance.

      Mindme Alarm

      If you’re feeling unwell, just press the button on your Mindme device and we will get help to you straight away. The device is waterproof and looks like a key fob. It can be placed in your bag, pocket, or can even be attached to your house keys. The GPS locator can tell us where you are and the button means that you can talk directly to us. You can also give your family access to a secure website where they can locate you if they’re worried.
    10. Natural gas detector

      This device warns if there are dangerous levels of gas in your home.
    11. Extreme temperature detector

      This device lets us know if there has been a sudden change in temperature, guarding against hypothermia or overheating.
    12. Flood detector

      The flood detector will warn us if taps are left on or pipes are leaking in the kitchen, bathroom or loft.
    13. Lifeline unit

      The Lifeline unit is the piece of equipment that enables us to speak to you when you press your lifeline pendant. It also connects to a number of other devices on these pages and alerts us, through your phone line, if there is a problem.
    14. Fall detector

      This automatically alerts us if you have fallen to the ground.
    15. Smoke alarm

      This alarm alerts us if there is smoke in your home.
    16. Exit monitor

      This monitors the use of entrance or exit doors and lets us know if someone has left the property and not returned.
    17. Bogus caller button

      If you are concerned about a caller at your door, just press the button to alert us.
    18. Movement detector

      This is useful for monitoring both activity and inactivity in your home, making sure that you haven’t had a fall and you are able to move around your home as normal.
    19. Wireless door chime intercom

      This portable handset chime allows you to have a two way conversation with a caller when they ring your bell.

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